A Touch of Cinema

To Beautify and Glamorize

Have you ever thought about what that photo would look like if someone touched it up a bit? Or how it would appear with better lighting? Or if it had a more professional, "photographer" look? ...Or daydreamed if you could be in a movie? About you. With your name in highlights. Standing next to your favorite Hollywood star. Critical praise. Credits, featuring you and your friends/colleagues.

On another spectrum, what about a realistic drawing of yourself? Or a logo for your company? Or an edited video project?

Growing up, I became enthralled with movies of all sorts and, in a way, started thinking of everything in terms of its cinematic value if artwork were ever involved. Since the beginning of 2010, I've taught myself and mastered charcoal drawing, photoshop, photomanipulation, and overall digital design, eventually moving towards offering freelance services. Through film school, I've additionally gained a substantial knowledge concerning all sorts of techniques regarding cinematography, color grading, editing with both Adobe Premiere and Avid Media Composer, audio work with Adobe Audition and Audacity, and a working understanding of After Effects animation. With intense attention to detail and a somewhat obsessive attitude towards everything having to "look right", I've striven to envision all my projects as potential film material. In other words, major Hollywood blockbusters and award-winning films are carefully crafted with not only artistic merit in mind, but with high-enough appeal to audiences for commercial success. This portfolio is a tribute and showcase of what I consider the best pieces I've accomplished through the years.

Browse around! Enjoy the view.

"Movie-watching is all about viewing life with good lighting."