Film Posters

All the above poster projects, save two (Memetic and Risk), were various designs done for either roommates or as humorous tributes towards photographs of friends I found amusing.

Some took as long as 40 hours, while others were as quick as 45 minutes. Photoshop Elements 7 was the primary tool used to create, all being made completely from scratch, color correction added, lighting, and other varied effects being put to good use. Only three, Jonny Glass, Animus, and Corellia, had a few added effects from Photoshop CS6, otherwise impossible to accomplish with only Elements.

Because these projects took considerably detailed crafting, descriptions for each individual poster have not been included along with each viewable photo, but can rather be explained through contacting me via email, address located at the top of each page in the 'About Me' Section. I've also included a separate section: Film Posters 2: Comparison Photos, where a few of the projects can be viewed side by side with the original photographs used to work from.